Somaliland: “ National Day to Commemorate “Kill all but the Crows” Atrocities Imperative- Gen. Nima’ale

members of the Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team as they work to uncover bodies buried in a mass grave in Hargeisa In2014

Somalilandsun- “Mass atrocities committed against citizens of Somaliland during the brutal dictatorship of Siyad Barre should not be confined to the dustbin of history”
This was stated by General Omar Mahmud Nima’ale during an interview with Geeska Anika  in Hargeisa where he also extended condolences to the many lives by warring factions in neighbouring Somalia.
“As Somalia marks the first anniversary of the deadliest Suicide bomb attack that killed over 500 and injured hundreds others, I extend my sympathies with relatives and family of the innocent victims” said Gen Nima’ale a former SNM rebel fighter.
Stressing that innocent lives do not adhere to any political agenda or dispute, Omar Mahmud Nima’ale who also served as interior and Defence minister in post withdrawal from Somalia, administrations of Somaliland in the 1990s , said atrocities against citizens anywhere are an abomination.
For over two decades Somalia has been embroiled in political disputes, turned into armed conflict that have ensued dispute a huge international peacekeeping force, killed and maimed thousands.

General Omar Nima’ale wants a National day to remebers victims of atrocities in Somaliland

On those citizens of Somaliland killed by forces loyal to Dictator Siyad Barre during the civil war between Somalia forces and rebels of the SNM from the early 1980 to 1991, Nima’ale Said
“As a nation, Somaliland, we need to establish a National Day dedicated to the remembrance of our kin, who fell victim to Mass Atrocities  by Siyad Barre”
In present day Somaliland , then northwestern region of Somalia hundreds of thousands were uprooted from their homes and displaced internally and externally by forces loyal to Siyad Barre.
Apart from massive destruction of both public and private infrastructures over 50,000 people lost their lives , half of them in mass killings.

The mission to Eliminate citizens of Somaliland completely which was Dubbed “Kill all bit the Crows” ended with many mass graves most of them yet to be unearthed.
According to General Nima’ale a special day in remembrance of all those who lost lives in the struggle to reclaim Somaliland Sovereignty be it as SNM combatants, innocent civilians or others is a National imperative
Said he, “I hereby urge President Muse Bihi Abdi, himself a former SNM combatant, to establish a National day for remembrance of victims of  Siyad Barre’s Genocide
As for Somalia where civilians continue to be victims in the tussle for power, Omar Mahmud Nima’ale , politicians from all warring factions should reconcile their differences peacefully in lieu of perpetual violence.


  1. […] This decree follows the unanimous agreement reached at the 23rd Cabinet Meeting  chaired by the president who is himself an SNM veteran and his deputy in Hargeisa on the 18th October 2018. Th session came up with recommendations that the annual low scale 17th Oct commemorations of deceased SNM fighters be elevated to a national day . Though remembrance of deceased SNM fighters has been observed nationwide and annually for over two decades, it has not been a national day, thence a major change in the Somaliland holidays calendar With this presidential decree 17th October shall be a national day beginning from that date in 2019. Read: “ Somaliland National Day to Commemorate “Kill all but the Crows” Atrocities Imperative- Gen. Nima… […]

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