Somaliland: Female Marginalization in a Male Only Democracy -CPA

Honourable Baar Saaed Only Female member of parliament in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- Somalia which is usually touted as lagging behind Somaliland in many sectors has been noted to have more women representation in both the Mogadishu based cabinet and parliament as opposed to those in Hargeisa.
Despite very progressive democratization women top position at various levels representation in somaliland is almost Zilch, both in public office, civil service as well as in business. According to a study by the Centre for Policy Analysis
Women representation in Somaliland
1. Local councils is 3%
2. Parliament, 0.6%
3. Cabinet, 9%
4. Civil Service 25% while
5. Top parties’ leadership is 0%

Read below the complete CPA analysis titled Somaliland A Male Democracy

male democracy in somaliland pdf

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