“War on Turkish Schools in Africa Ruining Turkey’s Credibility” -Amb Shinn


Hizmet operates a number of Turkish  schools in Somalia and Somaliland

Somaliland sun – One way that Hizmet could reduce criticism leveled against it would be to engage in greater transparency, for example publishing a list of all the Hizmet-affiliated schools throughout the world.

Hizmet , a Gulen Movement of Turkey associated body that operates a global network of schools with over 100 based in the African continent but without an official list of where and when in existence publicly.

Amb D ShinnThe imperatives of such a list thence deter criticism were proffered following an interview based on a recent book by former US diplomat Amb David shinn titled ” Hizmet in Africa: The Activities and Significance of the Gulen Movement”

Read full excerpts of the Sunday’s Zaman, a Turkish paper associated with the Gulen Movement interview with Amb Shinn, titled “Former US Diplomat: War on Turkish Schools in Africa Ruining Turkey’s Credibility.”

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