Somaliland:President Reshuffles, Appoints and Sacks Diplomats

President Bihi must act and act now

Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has named new envoys to diplomatic postings abroad. The head of state also appointed a new managing
director for Berbera Oil Terminal, following the nationalization of the
institution, which was in the wrong hands.  A presidential edict which
reached Somaliland News Agency ( confirmed the appointments.

The following are the names of the new ambassadors ….

1. Mr.Bashe Awil Omar – Envoy to Kenya

2. Mr.Hassan Hirad Yassin –Envoy to UAE

3. Mr.B ashir Sheikh Omar Good – Envoy to America

4. Abdillahi Abdi Ali (Dhakar)- Envoy to East Africa Community (EAC)

5. Hassan Ahmed Ibrahim (Embassy)- Managing Director  Berbera Oil Terminal

The president relieved from his ambassadorial duty the former envoy to
America Mr.Rashid Mohammed Nuur (Garuuf).



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