Somaliland: US Reestablishes a Permanent Diplomatic Presence in Somalia

The former embassy compound in 1992, shortly after it was assigned as the headquarters for US personnel within UNITAF.

somalilndsun- In 1960 the US established a full diplomatic mission in Mogadishu Somalia but violence following the collapse of the central government Violence quickly enveloped the city in late December 1990, during the Somali Civil War, and on 1 January 1991, the ambassador contacted the State Department to request the closure and evacuation of the embassy.

Approval was given the following day, but violence and the collapse of the central government prevented the US, and several other countries, from airlifting their diplomats and civilians through Mogadishu International Airport.

The embassy closed on January 5, 1991 and 281 American and foreign diplomats and civilians were airlifted by helicopterfrom the embassy compound to Guam and Trenton.

Though pow scale diplomatic relations have been in place some some years a department of state press statement informs that a Permanent mission has been reestablished. Continue reading Reestablishment of a Permanent Diplomatic Presence in Somalia


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