Somaliland: Union and Disunion & the Lessons of the Scotland Referendum


Recognition of Somaliland is a foregone conclusi9n

Somalilandsun – “‘If a 300 year old peaceful and prosperous union of two states has been considered for a possible dissolution through self-determination of the people of one of the states, then the dissolution of a 30 year union of the two states of Somaliland and Somalia in May 1991 after a ‘genocidal’ war waged by the government of the union against the majority of the Somaliland people, and at a time when there were no avenues for the exercise of democracy, let alone internal self-determination, should surely be acceptable to any Somalian government claiming to be the successor to the pre 1991 government”

Continue reading Somaliland’s Union and Disunion & the Lessons of the Scotland Referendum – in A Press Release and subsequent detailed Statement issued on 30 October 2014 by the Somaliland Societies of Europe (SSE) and endorsed by other Somaliland Diaspora Organisations:


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