Somaliland: Swedish Somalilanders Brief VP


Swedsh Somaillilanders pose with VP Sayli C after their meeting at the Somaliland presidency

By: A A Jama
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Vice president of the republic of Somaliland his excellency Abdirahman Abdullah Ismail Sayli officially met in his office a delegation of Somaliland diaspora in Sweden .
The Somaliland diaspora in Sweden briefed the vice president their activities in Sweden about the roll they played for the development of the country and to make awareness to the Somaliland have brief the communities in the Sweden about their activities which they invited them for their roll of the development of the country.
Vice president welcomed the delegation of the Somaliland diaspora for their effort of the development and send Somaliland diaspora in abroad have a responsibility to play heir roll for the development of the country .
The delegation of Somaliland diaspora in Sweden also brief the vice president that in September this year a high level delegation of the government of Sweden will arrive the country


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