Somaliland: Post Drought Effects Create a Humanitarian and Aid Funding Crisis

Gran Mako Ibraham with malnourished granddaughter Amren Hassan, 4 (Image: Sunday Mirror)

Somalilandsun- Nearly 80 per cent of livestock has died, destroying the livelihoods of families in drought affected Somaliland where 700,000 people have been forced from their homes.
Most of the over half a million internally displaced people also have to contend with walking for days hoping to find a scrap of land to farm.
They have no idea when they will next eat as the Somaliland, a country which withdrew from its 1960 later turned fateful union with Somalia in 1991 – teeters on the brink of famine writes GERALDINE MCKELVIE in a report titled Aid funding crisis hits Somaliland after 80 per cent of livestock die and 700,000 people forced from homes as result of devastating drought

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