Somalia: Mogadishu Parliament Crafting 2016 Election Laws


Somalia Federal Parliament building in Mogadishu

By Nesru Jemal
Somalilandsun – The Somali Federal Parliament on Sunday held a special session to discuss the creation of political parties and consider the drafting of a law on political parties in advance of the elections due in 2016.
A parliamentary sub-committee on political parties and elections gave a presentation on the structure of the political parties and the elections on 2016.
The sub-committee highlighted the need for a new law to govern and direct the number of the political parties, the conditions for registration and the possible time frame.
Somalia currently has no officially recognized political parties, though a number of clan-based parties are attempting to organize for recognition for the planned elections.
In 2016, at the end of the present transitional government, Somalis are due to vote for a new president and a new parliament as peace and stability returns following the removal of al-Shabaab militants from most urban areas.
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