Somaliland Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism signs officially MSME Policy


The Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Somaliland HE: Mohamoud  Hassan Saad (Saajin) has on Sunday signed the first policy to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which contribute to the country’s GDP over 90%. The Minister stated in his introductory remark of the Policy that the development of these types of enterprises  are seen among the most sustainable ways of reducing the levels of poverty and improving the quality of life of households.

The Minister continued to say that the contribution of MSMEs to economic and sustainable development is currently widely acknowledged as they are active in all segments of the economy and present opportunities for promotion of broad based equitable development. They enable active participation of marginalized groups in Somaliland’s economic development including providing more opportunity for women and youth and supporting growth of disadvantaged regions of the country. In this regard, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism is currently developing a comprehensive implementation framework which will ensure its proper operationalization, while we will also coordinate with all concerning stakeholders for effective implementation purpose.




Download the MSME Policy in English version



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