Somaliland: ISCO Urges Parliament to not Mar Elders Mediation Process


Somalilandsun – The Independent Somaliland Civil Society Organizations (ISCO Somaliland) fully backs the decision made by the mediation committee who suggested a solution for the dispute over the National Electoral Commission. We thank the committee for their determination and dedication.

We call on all actors to implement the decision with good faith and refrain from any action that may undermine the process. We welcome the acceptance made by the political parties.

We are concerned by statements from some members of the overdue Parliament. If the Parliament (both Houses) takes any action that undermines the implementation of the agreed-on decision, we call on local and international partners to view the members of the Parliament as spoilers and thereof take actions accordingly.

The people of Somaliland has been waiting to vote in a very long time. Parliamentary and local councils elections should take place in 2020.

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Signed by:

  1. Centre for Policy Analysis
  2. Centre for Youth Empowerment,
  3. COMPAD Human Rights and Community Organization
  4. Garsoor Social Development organization
  5. Horseed Organization
  6. Hope Development organization
  7. Human Rights Centre
  8. Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO)
  9. Somaliland Street Children Rehabilitation Centre
  10. Somaliland Women Association (SOWA)
  11. Somaliland Women Development Centre (SOWOD)
  12. Voice for Somaliland Women Minority Organization (VOSOMWO)
  13. Hodan Women Relief Organization



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Independent Civil Society Organizations Coalition (ISCO Somaliland) is a coalition for the independent civil Society organization of Somaliland to cooperate on areas of democracy and civil rights. ISCO Somaliland will always act in accordance for the best interest of democracy and civic space based on the constitutional principles and international standards. ISCO Somaliland is committed to sustaining an independent and vibrant network of civil society actors and groups that are responsive and accountable to the people. ISCO members are based on the six regions of Somaliland.



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