Somaliland: Chairman of Parliament’s Anti-Corruption Committee Unceremoniously Disposed from Office

MP Nasir Ali Shire

Somalilandsun- The chairman of the house parliamentary committee charged with fighting corruption is out if office

The speaker of parliament Hon.Bashe Mohammed Farah has fired a vocal anti corruption crusader from his position as the chairman of parliamentary audit committee Hon.Nassir Ali Shire. The committee recently brought to light wanton corruption by the former administration of president Silanyo. Some house hold names were implicated in theft of public coffers.

As we went to press it was not clear why the speaker took this route since the administration of president Bihi came to power by promising to clean the country of corruption.

The former parliamentary anti corruption committee chairman confirmed to local media that he had been relieved of his duties.

The corruption committee chairman recently brought to light theft of public funds allegations against the former minister public works and housing Mr.Ali Hassan Mohammed (Ali Marehan) and former constitution minister Mr.Ahmed Haji Dahir. The two former ministers denied the accusations calling it a smear campaign to tarnish their names.

The speaker of parliament apologized to Dahabshiil group which had been pointed for engaging in corruption



  1. Good Job Speaker. This guy seemed to have implicated some people without having concrete prove. He seemed angry and looked like settling scores. He was also very unprofessional. good step to fire his ass out.

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