Somaliland: Another Tale, Effective Listen !

Effective listening

Somalilandsun- A math teacher told his students to listen and take note.

He said, “Rami worked at the fruit section of a supermarket. His height was 5.8 meters. His waist was 81 centimeters. He worked 10 hours a day and earned $10 per day. What did he weigh?”

Students started calculating Rami’s weight by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the numbers that were given to them. They huffed and buffed and struggled but couldn’t come up with an answer.

Abdisalaam Yassin

As they kept scratching their heads and racking their brains, one student, who usedeffective listening, raised his hands and said, “Sir, he weighed fruits!!!”

By: Prof Abdisalaam Yassin




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