Possible Tripatrite Somaliland, Kenya and Somalia Meet

Kenya Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Informed sources within the Somaliland government have indicated that there is the possibility of preliminary talks between Somaliland and Somalia in Kenya, in an effort to restart the failed meetings between the two parties.

However, given the current frosty relationship between Kenya and the federal administration in Mogadishu, it is highly unlikely that the Somalia would agree to any talks taking place in Kenya.

The sources indicate that the current visit to Kenya, by the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Yasin Haji Mohamud Hir “Faratoon”, who has already met with members of the Kenyan cabinet, including the

Trade Minister, Peter Munya and other senior Kenyan officials, could be part of an effort to resume talks between Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

Once again, this is not likely, as Somaliland and Kenya are currently engaged in efforts to strengthen the ties between Hargeisa and Nairobi, and would not welcome the distraction of a third party involvement. The  Somaliland Foreign Minister has already met with the IGAD Executive Secretary, Ambassador Mahboub Maallim, to discuss the forthcoming parliamentary and local council elections scheduled for the end of this year and other issues pertaining to the Horn of Africa.

By: Ali Mohamed Abokor


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