Africa Youth Parliament Admits Somaliland As Its 55th Member


Somalilandsun – The African Youth Parliament is pushing for the recognition of Somaliland as an independent state.

According to a report by busiweek The AYP with representation from 54 countries in Africa has already admitted Somaliland membership in its gathering.

In a statement from the AYP after a visit in Somaliland late November, the parliament stated: “The African Youth Parliament is a continental and youth-led organization with representatives from (54) Sovereign Nations in Africa with Somaliland coming on board as the 55th Member State.”

The statement added: “Our visit to Somaliland does not imply that AYP has visited a territory of its Member States but the reality on the ground is that the Republic of Somaliland is standing its own feet.”

Young Africa parliamentarians in Hargeisa Somaliland

The AYP further announced in the statement that they will be welcoming membership from Asian states as it bids to get a global face.

“lt may interest you to know that Asia is also coming on board as a bilateral partner to African Youth Parliament and that explains the engagements of AYP Ambassador to Asia here with us,” the statement read.

The African Youth Parliament was founded in 2003 at a meeting convened in Nairobi Kenya with the intent to work towards promoting and advocating for youthful solutions to Africa’s fundamental challenges.

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