NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above trade mark is the property of NAOS, A French Simplified Joint Stock Company of 355 rue Pierre-Simon Laplace, 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France and that the trade mark is used for the following products:

Class 3

Soaps; perfumery; essential oils; cosmetics; creams, gels, lotions for cosmetic use; deodorants for personal use; shampoos and hair lotions; wipes impregnated with make-up removing preparations; cosmetic preparations for whitening the skin; cosmetic preparations for cleansing the skin; cosmetic preparations for slimming; cosmetic preparations for tanning and sun protection; depilatory products; bioecological living environment (preparations) promoting the development of skin cells (for cosmetic use).

Class 5

Pharmaceutical products; dietetic substances for medical use; nutritional and food supplements for human beings; sanitary products for medical purposes; dermatological products; bioecological living environment (preparations) promoting the development of skin cells (for pharmaceutical use).

Class 44

Services provided by beauty and hairdressing salons; hygienic and beauty care for human beings; advisory services relating to hygiene and beauty care, advisory services relating to cosmetology and dermatology, to body and beauty care; advice relating to cosmetic products; advice relating to food health and nutritional food supplements; establishing diagnostics prior to nutritional or skin treatments; consulting in the field of beauty care; beauty care services; medical care services.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that NAOS claims all rights in respect of the aforesaid trade mark in Somaliland and will initiate appropriate legal action against any person or persons found to be using the aforesaid trade mark or any other trade mark deceptively or confusingly similar, or otherwise infringes on their rights.

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