Somaliland:Minister of Information Talks about Somaliland Army Victory against Puntland Militia


Somalilandsund:The minister of information culture and national guidance Mr.Abdirahman
Abdillahi Farah (GuriBarwaqo) who is the official government of Somaliland
spokesperson has spoken about the aggression and military incursions by the
Federal Republic of Somalia into Somaliland eastern region territory of
Sool. The Somaliland army repulsed the aggressors from Puntland
administered region of Somalia. This is according to news disbursed by
Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA).

The minister stated that since president Musa was democratically elected to
office the rag tag Somalia Federation has started a campaign to tarnish
Somaliland reputation as a bastion of peace and prosperity by constantly
sending militias to wreck havoc on Somaliland’s tranquility.

Since the start of this year the Federal Government of Somalia administered
region of Puntland has violated the sanctity of Somaliland sovereignty by
attacking her territory 25 times.

For instance on 14th May 2018 on the southern flanks of Tukaraq hamlet the
Puntland militia in a surprise raid attacked Somaliland Army personnel
stationed at the front line. The army chief general Nuuh Taani confirmed
that the Puntland militia were slapped on the face by the bold Somaliland

The Puntland administration was trying to capitalize on Somaliland festive
atmosphere of her 27th anniversary of her independence to attack in the wee
hours of 15th May 2018 from the eastern and southern flanks of Tukaraq
village. After a protracted war that took less twenty minutes Somaliland
army killed many Puntland militias and captured several. As we went to
press six armored mounted vehicles and a tank shad been captured from the
enemy forces.

The government of Somaliland through a press release by the minister of
information Mr.Guri Barwaqo urges the international community to be wary of
the Federal government of Somalia propaganda campaign, claiming Somaliland
attacked it.

Somaliland government always promotes good neighborhood however it will
never entertain constant interferences and attacks from Puntland
administered region of Somalia.




  1. Dulqaadka badan Somaliland waa doqonimo.

    Somaliland iyo Puntland laba dhaqan aan is fahmayn waaye. Majerteen hadi baaq uu dirtid ama talo siisid in aad ka baqaysiin ayaa moodaya, Majerteen keliya waxa wax ku qaata marka la xanuujiyo.

    Anaga hada Habar Gidir nahay Gaalkacyo marka qabano maxabiis Majerteen waa dilnaa markiiba, halka idinka Somaliland aad sii daysiin. Waa sababta aysan joogsan doonin dagalka majerteen idin ku hayso. Keliya ayago la laayo oo la xanuujiyo ayaa wax ku fahmaan majerteenka.

    maxabiistooda qabataan dila, garowe duqeeya oo guba, afkaas ayaa Majerteen ku fariista, ila kun sano hada talo iyo walaalnimo ugu baaqdaan waa ka sii waalanayaan maxa yeelay in aad ka sii baqatid ayaa moodaya.

    Somaliland waa hanjabtay waa hanjabtay hadana talaaba ma qaadin Garowe ma duqayn. Majerteen guryaha ka guba. Maxabiista Puntland kuwa majerteen ah dila saasa nabad ku dhalan.

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