Somaliland:Civil Service Commission absorbs staff in fair exercises


Somalilandsun:The Civil Service Commission has so far managed to absorb several dozens of people onto government employment in a hectic fortnight exercise led by the CSC chairman Mr. Sharmarke Ahmed Muhummed.

The latest lot to be absorbed were those from Awdal region in an exercise that saw Lasanod, Erigavo, Burao and Berbera graduates join the fray of government services from their respective Sool, Sanaag, Togdeer and Sahil regions .

50 workers were taken from each province.

The Amoud University chancellor Prof. Suleiman Abdi Guuleed hailed the state for taking the bold step of absorbing the employees in the government in a fair manner.

He noted that the mode of subjecting them to tests and geo-equality was a new perception that ought to be propagated and instilled within the administration hence pointed out that it endeared people to good governance.

By M.A. Egge


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