Somaliland: Police Urged to Step up Diligence during Ramadan

Somaliland police commissioner Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Sagadhi Dabagale

Somalilandsun: Police Commissioner Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadi (Dabagale), has instructed the police force to increase efforts and step up their hard work their duties during this Holy Month of Ramadan.

The police chief added that apart from their usual chores of safeguarding security, the police force had joined in preventing the Covid19 crisis, the work has intensified.

He likewise urged Somaliland community to follow Covid19 awareness directives issued by the National Preparedness Committee, and adopt and observe guidelines of hygiene and social distancing.

Brigadier General Mohamed Saqadi, who held a press conference at the headquarters of the police in Hargeisa on Thursday, also sent a congratulatory message to the police, officers, soldiers and their spouses during the month of Ramadan.

By Mohamoud Walaaleye


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