“Somaliland Plays a Crucial Role in Combatting Terrorism in the Region, But Recognition….,” -UK Gov

Somaliland President Muse Bihi poses for a selfie with UK state minister for foreign affairs in charge of Africa and DFID Harriet Baldwin after meeting in Hargeisa in October 2018/file

The UK does not recognise Somaliland’s declaration of independence. Our long-standing position remains that it is for Somalis themselves to reach an agreement on Somaliland’s status through dialogue, and for countries in the region to lead on recognising the outcome of this dialogue.
This was stated by Harriett Baldwin Uk’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in parliament while answering a question posed by MP Jim Cunningham (Labour, Coventry South) in parliament as pertains Somaliland Security and recognition of its sovereign.

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