Somaliland: JPLG Funded Bridge Worth $76,000 Inaugurated at Arra-baidey


Citizens already enjoying the easing of commuting availed by the JPLG funded Arra baidey bridge

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – A long awaited and utterly important bridge that connects Marodijeh and Togdeer regions through a vital and heavily dependable ruote has been inaugurated at last.
At a function that saw the Ag. Mayor Cllr. Abdiaziz Mohammed Hashi cutting the ribbon that symbolized the inauguration of the bridge, the town chief told the city residents that the facility was a testimony to the fact that tax money went back to the community.
The bridge that cost 76 thousand USD has been a joint venture of the municipality of Hargeisa in conjunction with the Joint Program for Local Governance (JPLG).
“This testifies that tax money goes back to the society”, and added, “the more taxes are paid by the populace the more the services to the public is dispensed”, said the acting Mayor.
He said that he was happy that a vital bridge of such magnitude which is a lifeline for local dairy farmers and a major track-line to Burao has been able to be realized.
The Mayor was accompanied by more than a half dozen city councilors, the regional JPLG accountant and the construction company (AWCCO) officials who implemented the building of the 30m long, 7 meters wide and 3m deep bridge.

Deputy mayor of Hargeisa Councillor Agaweine in blue suit cuts tape to officially commission the new bridge
The JPLG representative Mr. Said Aden Hussein who played the part of master of ceremony at the function first invited a local elder who is a member of the committee in the task Mr. Abdi Omar Farah to speak.
Eng Asha Ali Warsame of AWCCO the bridges contractorThe elder, councilors Abdiqani Yusuf Maalim Gahayr, Mohammed Warsame Aalin, Hanad and Eng. Asha A. Warsame of Awcco had words resonating and echoing similarly hence all comprehensively underscored the importance of the bridge as far as connecting to Togdheer was concerned.
The officials hailed AWCCO by heaping praises upon it saying that all the tasks that the constructors undertook in the past for the council had been quite commendable.
The area was usually completely impassable both during rainy and non-rainy seasons.
Despite the fact that it has been completed slightly later behind the earmarked schedule, the area residents have at last happily heaved their sighs of relief.


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