Somaliland: Ethiopia’ New General Consul in Hargeisa Assumes Mantle

Ethiopia consul general to Somaliland Amb Shamsudiin Ahmed Robleh in his Hargeisa offices

Somalilandsun- Following a hiatus of almost 100 Days The Ethiopia Consulate in Hargeisa Somaliland is now fully manned.
This follows the arrival in Hargeisa of the newly appointed Ethiopian resident diplomat for Somaliland, Ambassador Shamsudiin Ahmed Robleh who replaces the long serving Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye who was recalled late last year.
Though no official statement has been forthcoming from either foreign ministries in Hargeisa and Addis Ababa, we can here confirm that the new diplomat disembarked an Ethiopian airways craft at Egal international airport for assumption of office.

The arrival of Amb Shamsudiin puts to rest numerous rumours circulated by Somalia media houses to the effect that Ethiopia has downgraded its relations with Somaliland thence the recall of Riga dire Tesfaye.

Amb Shamsudiin replaces long serving Ethiopian Diplomatic envoy to Somaliland Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye

Amb Shamsudiin Ahmed Robleh hails from Jigjiga which is the capital of the Zone five somali administrative Region of Ethiopia, is an experienced diplomat having serving his country in both Kenya and Djibouti

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