Somaliland: Deaths and Injuries as Clans In Sool Region Reignite Clashes

Deaths and Injuries as Clans In Sool Region Reignite Clashes

Somalilandsun- Residents in the eastern Somaliland region of Sool are bracing for days of intense insecurity.
This development follows renewed clashes between the Qayaad and Baharsame subclans in Dhumey location in South of Sool Region.
According to our sources the skirmishes that have so far resulted in a number of yet to be confirmed deaths and injuries started in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th Sept 2017 after an elderly man was killed in Dharkaein-Geenyo village.
This is not the first time for the two sub-clans of the main Sool region Dhulbahante clan to engage in deadly clashes.
Queried on why the renewed fighting now, since the two sub-clans have been reconciled through mediation efforts by the government of Somaliland and regional traditional leaders, our source said “though reconciled with agreements being all cessation of hostilities and animosities, the killing of the elderly man is directly responsible”
Prior to the new clashes over 40 people from the two warring sub-clans lost their lives while many others were injured during deadly skirmishes of 2016 that only ceased after intervention by Somaliland government and traditional leaders from the region.
To jumpstart that reconciliation a 20 Member committee was selected and sworn with subsequent negotiations ending with agreement by the two clans to immediately cease hostilities, compensate each other for those killed with blood money paid in camels as well as establish regular peace meetings.
For over a year this arrangement seems to have held steadily thence the much touted security in the region which is synonymous with regular killings and assassinations.
As the tense situation continues to exacerbate and apart from officials from the Somalia regional administrative region of Puntland urging caution , no statement has been issued by either the Sool Regional administration or the Somaliland central government in Hargeisa
By the time of going to press the clashes are said to be slowly approaching Las Anod the Sool Regional Capital



  1. Shaki-laan Puntland iyo Majerteen baa ka dambeeya dagaalkan ka dhacay gobolka Sool iyo dilka ka dhacay Ceel Afweyn iyo afduubki babuurka shirkada Oomaar ee Hargeysa ka dhacday.

    Dhamaan sedexdan arrin ee Somaliland ka dhacay waxa ay dhaceen maalin ama laba maalin ka dib marki Garowe koox hubaysani ku weerareen saldhiga booliska Garowe.

    Weerarka saldhigaas ka dib waxa saacado ka dib hadlay madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland(Camey) waxaanu ku dhawaaqay “Gobolada inaga maqan doorashada Puntland ka hor baanu weeraraynaa Sool oo soo ceshanaynaa dhulka inaga maqan”. Hadalkaas ma ku dhawaaqay waxa maalinta xigtey dhacay dhaci babuurta, maalinta ku xigtayna waxa dil ka dhacay ceel afweyn iyo dagaal beeleed koonfurta Sool.

    Waa wax iska cad in Puntland tahay dadka wada dagaalka Ceel Afweyn iyo dagaalka koonfurta Sool iyago isticmaalaya internetka iyo isku dirka beelaha Somaliland iyo cadow gudaha ah ama doqon ay ku shaqeystaan.

    Reer Somaliland ha fahmaan meesha waxani ka imanayso, wakhtiga waxani dhaceen(dhibaatada Garowe ka dhacday ka dib) baa si buuxda uu xaqiijinaysa in Puntland ka dambayso.

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