Somaliland: Country Included in an UNFPA, UNHCR sponsored ‘Somalia’ population census


Somalilandsun – The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Somalia, today, made public a ‘Somalia’ population census booklet that includes five Republic of Somaliland regions.
UNFPA sponsored and conducted a survey that came up with a study report estimating the population of a ‘Somalia’ comprising of the 18 regions of the Siyad Barreh era as 12 million.
The study, along with bona fide Somalia regions included the regions of Northwest (meaning Maroodijeex of Somaliland), Togdheer, Awdal, Sool and Sanaag – all of which are within the de factoboundaries od the Republic of Somaliland.
Some of the data, as is shown on table above, was borrowed from UNHCR reports that were published in as recent as 2014 indicating how one-sided and obtuse UN organizations are to the Somaliland sovereignty cause.

At the unveiling ceremony of the report in Mogadishu, the Deputy PM of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arteh, the FGS Minister for Planning, the Head of UNFPA Somalia and other dignitaries were present.
The UNFPA report completely ignores the Republic of Somaliland and that after 24 years of statehood despite the absence of international recognition a fact which by no means cannot dismiss the inalienable right to self-determination of Somaliland.

At the unveiling ceremony of the report in Mogadishu the Deputy PM of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arteh the FGS Minister for Planning the Head of UNFPA Somalia and other dignitaries were present
In another occasion held in the same city, reports the somtribune the Mogadishu president donned military fatigues sending an unmistakable message to the region and especially at a time when some international actors are arming his weak administration to the teeth unfazed by glaring lessons in history.

Lately president Hasan Sheikh of Somalia 3rd L now army Major General wants all of Somaliland at all costs


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