Somaliland: Administrators in Mogadishu Greet 2019 with Internal Turbulence

Somalia expels SRGS Haysom as Robow is Arrested

Somalilandsun- New Year’s Day was greeted in Somalia by a mortar attack on Mogadishu airport. A fortnight earlier 62 al-Shabaab fighters were killed in 48 hours of airstrikes, the US announced. There were 52 fatalities from three car bombs in the capital two weeks before that, an attack that followed soon after 20 deaths from a truck packed with explosives.

On the other hand The government had expelled the UN special envoy to the country Nicholas Haysom and this directly led to the British defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, cancelling a visit to Mogadishu and a meeting with President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his ministers while on a trip to the region.

Read more as Kim Sengupta looks at attempts to demobilise former al-Shabaab fighters, and the diplomatic fallout that has followed


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