Somaliland: 18th May Organizing Committee Send Strong Warning to Opposition National Party


Somalilandsun:The organizing committee for Somaliland National Day slated for 18th May
2018 which is expected to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan has been
brought forward and this year will be held on 15th May 2018. Speaking from
the presidential palace the committee informed about their plan for the
national day celebrations, they also reprimanded the leaders of the
opposition party Wadani to stop sowing discord amongst the population.

The minister of labor and social services Mrs.Hinda Jama Hirsi confirmed
the reason behind the change of the national day ceremony from 18th to 15th
May 2018.

“After a lot of discussion we decided to alter the national day date
because it will fall in the holy month of Ramadan when people are fasting
so we saw it appropriate to forward it to 15th May 2018.”

Also speaking at the venue the minister of defense Mr.Issa Ahmed Yusuf
reiterated that on 18th May 2018 many good will projects will be
implemented he cited helping the less fortunate in the society as an
example of the beneficiaries of the national day.

The vice president H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i) calls on
people of Somaliland from all walks of life to come out to celebrate the
independence of their country. He warned the opposition party Wadani
against inciting civil disobedience. He VP stated that the time of
political campaign was over and asked the opposition to concentrate on
nation building.

Deputy President went on to say that the ruling party Kulmiye was doing
whatever in her power to unite the country. He accused the national party
(Wadani) for propagating division amongst the peace loving and brotherly
people of Somaliland.




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