Santa did not deliver to ‘The Youth’ in Africa

In this file photo from Feb.17, 2011, hundreds of newly trained al-Shabaab fighters perform military exercises in the Lafofe area some 18 km south of Mogadishu, Somalia. (Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP)

Somalilandsun- As many already know, al-Qaida is the same organization that attacked America and altered the lives of generations of Americans forever. What they may not know is al-Shabaab is aligned with them. Al-Shabaab is a nefarious group with the same evil intent to do harm to America and American interests. They have a desire but not quite the capability today.

This is according to Colonel Chris Karns, director of public affairs for the US Africa Command who  makes the case for continuing US military support for combating terrorist groups like al-Shabaab in Africa, in a piece titled Santa did not deliver to ‘The Youth’ in Africa

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