Friday, August 18, 2017

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Somaliland: In Response to the Propsal to Rebrand the Country

Somaliland together as one Somaliland together as one
Somalilandsun- Removal of the TOWHEED from the flag of Somaliland has been recommended as part of the quest for a new name for the country geared towards deassiciation with Somalia as per our reader Yusuf Sultan Ali in response to the proposal to rename somaliland 
Dear Mr. Gagale,

I am writing to you regarding to your article, "Proposal of New Name for Somalilaand Republic", that was published on the Qaran News on February 16, 2017in which you advocated changing the name of the "Republic of Somaliland" to the "Republic of Sahel" so there's no longer a confusion between the names of Somalia and that of the Republic of Somaliland which obviously causes so much confusion to those that are interested in to know the differences between the two above mentioned names. Consequently I do agree with you that there must be a better way to separate and distinguish between two names if a total separation is to take place. 

This then reminded me a similar debate that took place among friends that belonged to the Somaliland Forum that was created right after Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia. We at the time brainstormed and finally came up with a name that we thought was authentically Somali, and more importantly was used as a nickname for Somaliland, namely "Maandeeq". This group, mostly in diaspora, did suggest that in early 1990 to then President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal who was the President of Somaliland. Had this suggestion or similar one been adopted at that time I believe we would have spared the many questions and confusions that arise every time the name Somaliland is uttered, namely how Somaliland differs from Somalia! So the names we have come up with were: Maandeeqland and Puntland. Unfortunately Puntland which was the historical name that belonged to present day Somaliland was then taken up by "Majertenia".

However Maandeeq is still available. Even though this name sounds generally very cumbersome and hard to pronounce, it is naturally within that territory. Naming citizens that are derived from "Maandeeqland" is not that easy either. But I believe the name Maandeeqland or just Maandeeq is more authentic than Sahel (an Arabic name) that has no ethnic roots in Somali or African heritage.

Lastly, while at this subject, let's think about the flag too. I believe the "Thowheed" on the flag should be deleted as it’s not appropriate to be part of a piece that people take into inappropriate places such as washrooms. Also the color should be rearranged so as they are not so similar to other nations flags such as Iran, Italy etc. And that "black star" should be totally gotten rid off as it symbolizes something that seems malevolent. So let the debate begin as Somaliland badly needs name recognition, and a flag that is very unique to the Republic. 


Yussuf Sultan Ali

New Jersey, USA


0 #5 Not Somalian 2017-03-29 05:16
Berbera is the best name. Berbera port, can be called berbera city.
0 #4 Usbur 2017-02-18 16:37
Overdue discussion. The flag must go. The Towheed must definitely go as it depicts Somaliland as some kind of African Taliban. Of 55 Muslim countries only Saudi, Taliban and Daesh have Towheed on their flag. Besides you cannot lower to show solidarity or mourn a great national loss as other nations do. If people cut it up or deface it is our fault for putting the towheed there. Yaa inagu haysta muslinimadeena oo ayna afka ugu kala waaxeynaa?

The dark, sinister star must also go. the colors must change(what on earth do they stand for?). I propose Yusuf Sultan Ali write a proper article about this and posts it more widely for national discussion.perhaps we can hold a national competition for the new flag among our schools and university students?

But I am adamant the name Somaliland should remain. It links us with clear and distinct history. Besides Mandeeq sounds ghastly
0 #3 Hasan Gacalow 2017-02-18 01:09
Easy flag. Get the old blue back. It was ours and was stolen. Allaha bless mandeq.

Ral mandeqi,
Thank you.
0 #2 Cumar Gulaid 2017-02-18 01:06
I am with those who bring this debate to light, Soomalilaand and the flag. We need a new name, and a flag without that ugly black-star that stands for the so called 5 lost forever :Somalilands." So let's get our house in order before farmajo gets new "teeth" on us.

0 #1 Abdirahman Hussain 2017-02-18 01:01
It is about time this important discussion has begun. Hopefully it will take us out of this identity crisis. Call us anything like Berbera rebublic (Berberawi(s)), Hargeisa (Hargeysawi(s)), Sahel (Saheli(s)), Mandeq (Mandeqi(s)) but Soomaaliland will not cut it. And definitely this flag has to go. replace it with something has a commonality with us, like our way of like life.

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