Monday, August 21, 2017

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Somalia: Election of Faramajo as President Ushers a new Era, Dahabshiil CEO

Election of Faramajo as President Ushers a new Era for Somalia says Dahabshil CEO Election of Faramajo as President Ushers a new Era for Somalia says Dahabshil CEO

Somalilandsun- The peaceful election of Mohamed Abdilahi Faramajo as president and the smooth transition to office signals that Somalia has matured thence at a stage where it is open for business with the outside world
This was stated by the CEO of Dahabshiil Abdirashid Saeed Duale while hoping that the new Somalia head of state hoped that the President-elect create opportunities and learned from companies like Dahabshiil during a secession with Talking Points of the BBC World Service.


0 #4 Ahmed 2017-02-19 18:52
Did you read the same post I just read Abdirashid, is talking how the election was peaceful and his desire to elected President succeed. His businesses is global. As Somalilander and one hope to see united strong Somalia Republic I hope Somalia to recover from it is wounds. I hope this guy successes.
0 #3 Reality 2017-02-11 14:17
Afwayne inherited a functioning Two-state-Union and enjoyed 10years of uninterrupted support. Support that was dependent on the liberation of NFD and Kilil-5. Afweyne failed to deliver and clung-on to power for a further 11years destroying the Union and both states in the process.

It is not enough to claim to be a nationalist or a unionists when you do not even understand either.

The best Flanders can do during his reign over muqdisho is to secure a federal state for marexaan and evict Ogadeen from Jubaland.

- He hates Amisom
- He hates Arab-league
- He hates Kenya
- He hates Ethiopia

Tough place to be a nationalist with principles. Choice?

Kneel like those before you or return Somalia-Italia to 1991 conditions.
0 #2 Burco 2017-02-11 00:18
We don't need Somalis like you. Your days are finished, division is finished no more tribal political parties we now have hope. Bye bye go to Addis Abba. Somalia ha midowdo
0 #1 Matar 2017-02-10 02:27
Abdirashid... please don't let you Business interests deter you from the reality.
This guy is the bi product of that scumbag Afweyn and he was here in the U.S working at the Somali Embassy at he time. He never spoke or tried to defend the rights of our people who were being oppressed bombed and abused by his uncle at that time.
We were here in the U.S at that time and several times demonstrated at the embassy where he was at and what he and his colleagues use to call us was qudmis.
He is a big time enermy of Somalilanders as we old timers in the U.S know him to be for sure.
Abdirashid.. Somalilanders are the ones who enriched your Dad when he was a jeeble traveling between Somaliland and the u.a.e soliciting hawala from our communities.
please do not play with our guts and make us remember the past.
Let greed not play with your dignity either be who you are or otherwise join them in Xamar, stop playing double game.

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