Monday, August 21, 2017

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Somaliland: Anti-Somaliland Virulence Makes Somalia President to Kowtow to the UAE

Among issues Farmajo wants is the transfer of UAE base in Berbera contract from Somaliland to Somalia.

Anti Somaliland Virulence Makes Somalia President to Kowtow to the UAE Anti Somaliland Virulence Makes Somalia President to Kowtow to the UAE

Somalilandsun , - The tug of war for jurisdictional control of Somaliland by Somalia Federal authorities in Mogadishu is turning to desperation.
Following the recent Somaliland award of Berbera port management contract to an Emirati firm and hosting of an UAE military base in the same town has irked the new administration Somalia president to tethers internationally hence a relentless campaign to change status.
In his latest foreign visit in which Somalia president Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo forayed to the United Arab Emirates, Somalia’s virulent Anti-Somaliland lad Farmajo to Kowtow to Emiratis in Entreatment



0 #5 KK 2017-04-19 09:04
No update in the article +comments , things are changing fast in or around Somalia whether in Haragisa or Mogadishu.
Game is over for the lies and corruption .
0 #4 M. Khalid 2017-04-19 06:09
President Farmajo or any other person elected for this position in Mogadishu will not be able to do anything against Somaliland which was and is an independent country. He also will not succeed in solving the problems of Somalia because this country disintegrated into mini states with independent governments. The problem stems from the fact that Somalis don't trust each other since a tribal government authority was used to usurp other tribes' rights, kill their people, and destroy their lands. Farmajo knows that his uncle Siyad Bare was the guy behind the destruction, and disintegration of Somali Republic.
0 #3 Not somalian 2017-04-19 00:18
Why Am I not surprised? zoomalians will never change!
0 #2 Gobaad 2017-04-18 18:38
Mays tidhi, Somalia madax ka noqdaaba Somaliland buuku mshquulaa. And they never learn that Somaliland has reverted to its Statehood status 26 years ago and there is no turning back ever! You have no jurisdiction over Somaliland. Move on Farmajo because like your predecessors. You will never succeed in attempts to sabotage Somaliland's rebuilding and progress.
0 #1 Jacfar 2017-04-18 12:17
Farmajo is loser. He can't even control Muqdisho let alone claim jurisdiction over Somaliland.
He can not grant or revoke the permision of UAE military base in Somaliland because it is a different country.
Infact, he can not even go to Somaliland, neither can anyone of his government dare.
How can he even sit and talk to the Emaratis claiming Berbera is part of his Zoomalia when they know the facts on the ground. Shameless! Thses guys have already done their homework. If Farmajo can do two things they would have listened to him: (1) If he could grantee the safety and security of the UAE investment in Berbera port (2.) If he can go to Berbera himself and convince the local people about the change.
He can't fulfill both of these conditions, he can't go to Berbera neither can anyone in his government. One word concludes it all: LOSER

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