Friday, August 18, 2017

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Somaliland: Africa Research Institute Hosted Q&A with Foreign Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire

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Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire at the QA hosted by African Tesearch institute Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire at the QA hosted by African Tesearch institute

Somalilandsun- The decision to enter into an agreement with DP World for the development of Berbera port, and with UAE for the lease of a military base, are economic decisions. The two deals are entirely separate
This stated by the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire during a Q &A session with the Africa Research Institute On Thursday 20 April 2017 as pertains to the two deals entered into by the governments of Somaliland and the UAE
At the lengthily Q&A session with a large number of participants the FM also posted further details in relation to his country's political development and elections, social development, economic development and quest for recognition as a sovereign state

Continue reading and listen to a podcast of the Africa Research Institute Q & A session with HE Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Somaliland


0 #1 Omer libaax 2017-05-15 09:48
well-done musta small man at least he is better talker than that father in-law musta salanyo fondhodholoh who cannot complete a simple sentence.
but let me tell you musta FM that lies don't work for you always, telling the audience that you reached an agreement with the uae to employ the Somalilanders is an utter lie, so a liar cannot be trusted with a country, when we met the hasha cadee dheer (the so-called presidential minister) and queered him this same subject, the job security for Somalilanders residing in UAE his answer was that we did try to convince them to employ and protect secure those already working in their country but with no success, so who is the list here? i think both are, as are all those who work under salanyo fondhodholoh the biggest human toilet of all times.

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