Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Somaliland: U.K. Foreign Secretsry urges Somaliland Somalia reconciliation

Somaliland: U.K. Foreign Secretsry urges Somaliland Somalia reconciliation - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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As the London Conference on Somali concludes with a communique reiterating unity as vehicle to defeat Al-Shabaab is released
UN Secretary General UK foreign secretary and Somalia president UN Secretary General UK foreign secretary and Somalia president

Somalilandsun- The only way to defeat alshabaab is through cohesiveness between all Somalia regions
This was stated by the U.K. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson during a post somali conference press briefing jointly conducted together with UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez and Somali president Farmajo in London
Stressing on the importance of the unanimous display of a show of unity displayed by all Somalis regional reps at the conference Boris Johnson said that his government was in favour of a United Somalia and more so a full reconciliation between Somalia and Somaliland
Johnson who reiterated the importance displayed by regional administrations in reconciliation and the U.K. Desire for a fully functional Somalia united Somalia failed to mention that Somaliland was not part of the conference courtesy of his government’s withdrawal of invitation
At the Conference it was agreed that Somalia has made significant progress in the last few years. In particular state formation has progressed significantly and the country has made substantial progress towards reengagement with the International Financial Institutions. Somalia has drafted its first National Development Plan in 30 years, articulating its priorities for the coming period, and Somali leaders have recently reached a historic agreement on a National Security Architecture.
It was also agreed that many challenges remain. Terrorism is still a threat to peace and security; work to address constitutional issues needs to be expanded and accelerated and a stable federal settlement reached; security sector reform has not progressed as quickly as envisaged; the threat of piracy remains real; further progress on democratisation, human rights and rule of law is needed; corruption must be tackled; poverty reduced and economic recovery advanced. There is a risk of famine which requires a continued scale up in coordinated efforts to address immediate needs, and to build resilience going forward.
Click to read the Final communique from the London Conferecne on Somalia


0 #1 M. Khalid 2017-05-15 08:34
Somaliland Somalia reconciliation does mean one thing. The latter should recognize the former as a sovereign entity. Otherwise there must not be any kind of relationship what so ever between Somaliland and Somalia. Reconciliation starts with recognition then comes the other mutual country to country relations. Anything short of this is waste of time and effort.

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