Guban View: Greedy private school owners are destroying Somaliland’s education system


Lewis Center, Ohio—Somaliland education system has come from a long way since the civil war in 1980’s when all learning institutions were completely destroyed. The country’s education system has been making a slow recovery. But everybody would agree,  in every indication, Somaliland educatiom system is broken and  needs to be fixed and reformed. Our schools are in shambles. Many students are not learning even those who are attending private schools.In the quality of education—- there is very little difference between public and private schools.

Genuine educators should have welcomed any initiatives to fix or improve our education system. But the greedy merchants— the operators or the sponsors of the private schools and their surrogates are waging a smear campaign against the Minister of Education, Mr. Osman Jama Adam’s efforts to improve our education and to hold private schools accountable.

To ensure accountability and quality of education, it is not too much for the Ministry of Education to demand from the private schools to register with the Ministry of education, so the agency could conduct a yearly evaluation of their performance, to know whether kids are learning. The parents have right to know whether their students are learning.

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