Ethiopia to Quarantine Visitors from Covid-19 Infected Coubtries, Suspends Flights to 30 Destinations

Ethiopian airlines suspends flights to 30 Covid-19 affected countries

Somalilandsun: Ethiopian airlines (Ethiopian) has suspended flights to 30 countries due to coronavirus (COVID-19), effective from Friday March 20.

In addition visitors from Covid-19 affected countries shall be quarantined at pre arranged hotels  at their own costs  for a fortnight while most social places like pubs etc are on shutdown.

This new preventive  measures were announced by PM in a press statement that came after new Corona virus infection cases were confirmed bringing the total in Ethiopia to nine.

And with the cessation of this number of flights the Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam revealed that the airliner Ethiopian Airlines flights have declined by 25 to 30 percent adding that losses amount  to over $190 million,”

The flights Ethiopian Airlines suspended today include the following,
• ET’s flights to Bahrain are suspended with immediate effect for 14 days
• ET’s flights to/from Khartoum suspended as of 16th March for 14 days
• ET’s flights to Cairo suspended between 19th – 30th March
• ET’s flights to Washington and Chicago will now be going via Lome and not Dublin.
• Flights to Djibouti suspended effective 18th March until further notice
• ET’s flights to Kuwait suspended as of 13th March until further notice
• ET’s flights to Beirut suspended as of 18th March until 29th March
• ET’s Europe Flights: Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Vienna flights will continue, however, only citizens, permanent residents, and other approved travelers will be allowed to board. All travelers with tourist and business visas will not be allowed to board these flights.

Below statement by PM Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia suspends flights to 30 countries extends Covid-19 prevention measures
Ethiopia suspends flights to 30 countries extends Covid-19 prevention measures 2



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