Durable Solutions in Somalia: Moving from Policies to Practices for IDPs in Mogadishu

Mogadishu IDP camp

Somalilandsun-There is some good news to report from Somalia. The Somali government has recently made significant strides in crafting policies designed to protect the rights of its 2.6 million internally displaced people. These polices call for durable solutions for the displaced, including protections against evictions, alternative land and housing arrangements, and options for local integration.

But these policies have not yet resulted in tangible improvements in the lives of many, including the half a million displaced Somalis living in the capitol city of Mogadishu.

Somalia will continue to face major humanitarian crises in the years to come that will require a significant international response. Conflict and climate events, such as drought and flooding, have left more than 5 million Somalis in need of humanitarian assistance and continue to displace more people every day. While a strong emergency response is required, there is also a need to move forward with implementing policies aimed at achieving long-term, durable solutions for displaced people.

Refugees International’s Mark Yarnell traveled to Mogadishu in October to assess the current situation and analyze opportunities for progress. Based on interviews with displaced people, local and federal government officials, UN aid agencies, development institutions, foreign embassies, and international NGOs, his new report released today, Durable Solutions in Somalia: Moving From Policies to Practice for IDPs in Mogadishurecommends a path forward to support solutions for those who have been displaced.

Read the full report here: https://www.refugeesinternational.org/reports/2019/12/13/durable-solutions-somalia-moving-from-policies-practice-for-idps-mogadishu

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