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IFJ and NUSOJ Good Work in Somalia, the Worst Country for Journalists but Keep off Somaliland


Somalilandsun- For the third year in a row, Somalia has ranked as the world’s leading country where slain journalists’ deaths go unpunished.

Over the past decade, all 26 assassinations of journalists in the East African nation have gone unsolved, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, which released its annual impunity index, titled “Getting Away With Murder,”.
This wa quoted by Jesselyn Cook in 2017 a report titled ‘Getting Away With Murder’ In Somalia, Where Journalists Are Killed With Impunity
To date this figure of assassinated Journalists in Somalia has increased not to mention other barriers placed on the fourth estate by the Somalia federal government.
Earlier in the week 29-year-old Abdirizak Said Osman, a newscaster and reporter for Radio Voice of Peace was stabbed to death and according to the National Union of Somalia Journalists-NUSOJ Osman becomes the second journalist to be killed in Somalia this year
On July 26, Abdirizak Kasim Iimaan, a TV cameraman, was killed by a policeman at a checkpoint in Mogadishu but no suspect has been arrested.

39th session of the UN human rights council

As Somalia remains one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists with dozens having been killed, maimed or forced to leave the country the international federation of journalists and NUSOJ have been in the forefront of campaigns to end suppression of freedom of speech in that country
At the39th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, this September IFJ and its Somalia affiliate, reported
“Since the last report of the Independent Expert on Human Rights Situation in Somalia to the Human Rights Council, 21 journalists have been arrested, detained for different periods on spurious charges and released; two journalists were killed in central Somalia, 10 journalists were wounded while three media houses were closed down”
Adding that “Attempts to manipulate and suppress independent media deepened, while the stigmatization of critical journalists intensified”
While it is imperative that all sympathize with journalists in Somalia and applaud NUSOJ for relentless pursuit to end killing of journalists with impunity in their country, for Somalilanders these sympathize is turning to aghast anger, WHY SO?
Despite the great work being done by the local Somalia journalists body, its insinuation that it represents the Somaliland fourth estate is a wrong and similarly so for a prestigious body like the International Federation of Journalists
Though Somaliland is yet to be recognized internationally a sovereign nation, it is a fact that in 1991 it withdrew from its voluntary later turned fateful 1960 Union with Somalia.
Despite an elusive quest for recognition Somaliland a former British protectorate is not only one of the most peaceful countries in the turbulent Horn of Africa region but most democratic as well.

Journalists in Somalia plead for their lives -NUSOJ Organized

That being so it is also a fact that it’s democratically elected government runs a fully fledged country which is endowed with clearly defined borders, has its own currency, flag, army not to mention elected parliament among many others.
In these scenario journalists in Somaliland have their affairs fully governed by the Somaliland Journalists Association-SOLJA , whose executive is democratically elected every three years and without fail for the past decade and a half.
For starter it is a fact that SOLJA respects its jurisdictional authority and that of NUSOJ thence at no time ever since its inception has it, delve into issues pertaining to journalists in neighbouring Somalia.
As for its Mogadishu based counterpart, NUSOJ that has never been reciprocated as numerous incidents of interference in matters related to the Somaliland fourth estate have been documented.
While that is history our current concern is the statement deliver to 39th session UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, Switzerland this September 2018 jointly by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) in relation to Somaliland
Quote – The IFJ and its affiliate NUSOJ – National Union of Somali Journalistshave documented extensive violations of freedom of expression and freedom of association for the past 7 years. The authorities in Somaliland have intensified the attacks on media freedom since the start of the conflict about the disputed territory in Tukaraq with Puntland (regional state controlling north-eastern regions of Somalia), where 6 journalists have been arrested, more than 10 journalists forced into exile, two television networks had their licences withdrawn and one newspaper was banned. Four other journalists were arrested in separate incidents in Hargeisa and Borame””-Unquote
While not defending the current and past administrations of Somaliland involved in regular confrontations with journalists, it is worth mentioning that non has ever been killed by the state apparatus.

Somaliland Journalists commemorating world press freedom day Organized by SOLJA

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The main issue here is that neither the IFJ nor its Somalia affiliate have the right to not only compile but present anywhere a report about suppression of freedom of speech in Somalia that includes Somaliland.
For the IFJ which is an international body whose activities are much desired in Somaliland, simply involving SOLJA shall suffice but as for NUSOJ keeping a distance is the only action that can and should suffice.
Though NUSOJ is a somalia based body and while acquiescing that political differences prevail between the Authorites in Mogadishu and Hargeisa, being a non state actor it, NUSOJ, should maintain a neutral stand just like its local counterpart SOLJA.
This will surely foster good relations as in the past that saw persecuted journalists in Somalia seek safe havens in Somaliland.
Finally while we in Somaliland pursue the establishment of 100% freedom of expression which is unavailable anywhere on earth, we remain hopeful that NUSOJ shall finally manage to end the with impunity assassinations, maiming and disfigurement of media operatives, in Somalia the worst country for journalists.

Read joint IFJ and NUSOJ report to the the39th session of the UN Human Rights Council


Somaliland: Political Parties Chiefs in Meet to Chart a National Development Strategy

Somaliland: Political Parties Chiefs in Meet to Chart a National Development Strategy

Somalilandsun- A new inter-working relations for the good of the nation as far as socio-economical and political aspects are concerned has got a booster jab in the arm as the three heads of the official political parties are expected to meet on Sunday (today).
Following a two-day summit of the three official political parties on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, the political scene is set for a new page of a new chapter in opting to work for the people of the nation following a conciliatory process to address simple bones of contentions in the political sea such that stability, development and peaceful co-existence and scenario may be solidified.
The VP announced that following the meeting a two prong system of address to iron out outstanding issues was formulated.
He said that one was a committee comprising the three political parties which will be charged with the task of addressing the upcoming general elections and associated issues.
The elections which are slated for the 19th of March is in danger of being postponed following the refusal of the major opposition party (WADANI) to participate if the NEC committee is not replaced.
The VP underpinned the fact that the traditional homegrown gesture of conciliations or reconciliation is set to be put in action to iron out minor difference for the smooth sailing of the nation towards everlasting peaceful stability and development.
He revealed that the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi will meet the other two opposition political parties’ head of Wadani and UCID Messrs. Abdirahman Irro and Feysal Ali Warabe respectively.
The President is the chairman of the ruling KULMIYE political party.
Their meeting, said the VP, was to be on Sunday the 23rd of September (today). Of note is the fact that they are to ponder on all issues that appertains to internal and external aspects that borders on social, economical, political and security issues, especially in the face of the on-gong regional and world political changes and spontaneous re-alignments.
Of note, he pointed out, was the reconciliation of the political divides and underlying differences triggered by past electioneering fall-outs hence to be cemented is the harmonious and peaceful setting which is important for the development of the people and the nation at large.
Important is the fact that the resolve to indulge into the above issues is one that has been greeted with a sigh of relief by the populace.
Both the opposition leaders echoed the same intention and similarly acknowledged the meetings and the agenda.
M.A. Egge



Somaliland: State to Review Clauses in the Rape Law that Provokes Islamic Tenets

L-R VP Sayli and religious minister Sh Khalil announce review of the Somaliland Rape Law

Somalilandsun-The state has resolved to review the Anti-rape and Gender Laws that threatened to unruffled many feathers in the nation for having clauses that seriously contradicted the basic Islamic Laws, Tenets, Traditions and culture for being tilted overtly towards secularism and by thus a lot of hues and cries emanated from a cross-section of the country.
First to reveal the good change of heart was the VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Seyli’i who acknowledged the seriousness of the matter hence pleaded for calm.
The contentious Anti-Rape Laws should not be used to cause provocation hence it will be reviewed by addressing any religiously contradictory causes and those that are potentially explosive to the peaceful stability”, said the VP.
He made the revelations at the close of an all-parties summit that is bent on unifying the country and addresses several political bones of contentions. (Read story elsewhere in this issue).
While officially stating the reviewing of the said law, the minister of Religion and Endowment Hon. Sh. Khalil Abdillahi Ahmed announced that the law will be taken back to both the Lower House of Representatives and the Upper House (Guurti) of the bicameral national parliament.
The government acknowledged that some clauses or phrases in the Law that was contradictory to the mainstream religious Islamic Laws and traditions had to be addressed and expunged.

The Somaliland minister of Religious affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi is behind the intended review

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“Errors are to human and the best are those who correct them”, said the minister while quoting an Islamic tradition.
The minister however blamed hastiness that resulted from the outcries of rape cases being on the rise hence for swift formulation and enacting of a regulation to curb it.
He appealed to both houses of the parliament to be thorough and exercise diligence in their review.
At the same time, he thanked the populace for being sensitive to their religion and peacefully expressed themselves on issues that provoke Islamic traditions and tenets.
By: M.A. Egge


Somaliland: Religious Affairs Minister wins Battle to Review Newly Enacted Rape Law

Somaliland: After 62 Matches Hargeisa Municipality FC wins Inaugural Telesom Football Championship

Telesom football championship 2018 Somaliland

Somalilandsun- The Hargeisa Local Council football team has made history by winning the inaugural football championship sponsored by Telesom company.
The tournament that ended with the City municipality winning three trophies had 29 teams in participation with a total of 850 players and 58 coaches.

During the entire competition at the Hargeisa stadium that took from from the 17th to July to 21st Sept 2018 all matches were broadcast live courtesy of a partnership between HCTV and Telesom company the official tournament sponsor.
To official end the tournament and award winners was the Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli who was accompanied by the prisons service Commander, Deputy Hargeisa Mayor, Ministry of youth and sports officials as well as senior officials from Telesom company

Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli presents trophies at the Telesom Football Championship 2018

While commending all participating teams for their sportsmanship, VP Sayli also congratulated the victors and runners , Hargeisa Municipality and Prisons Service Football clubs, whom he, VP, also awarded trophies to.
The Vice President also took opportunity to mention that the just concluded football tournament was a pride for the entire country since it’s the only of its kind to ever take place anywhere within somali speak mg countries.
“Congratulations to the Somaliland football federation, Telesom company and HCTV for organizing, sponsoring and airing this inaugural football tournament in the country” said VP Abdirahman Sayli.
Finally the VP award medals to Somaliland to the victorious Hargeisa Municipality Team, runners up Prisons Service as well as to the Telesom football championship’s, top goal scorer, best player, coach, and referee.

Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli presents trophies at the Telesom Football Championship 2018

Thanking Telesom Company for their Sponsorship , the chairman of the Somaliland Football Federation (SFF) Mohamed Amin “also revealed that the giant Somaliland telecommunications company has also agreed to make this tournament an annual event.
The SSF chief also informed that the inaugural 2018 and now to be annual Telesom football championship shall in the coming year extend to involve teams from all over the country thence a national event unseen in Somaliland before.
While briefing On the tournament that took 2 months to completed the SSF boss said that that it was three levels structured thence three competitions in one and involving 62 matches played by 29 teams and 850 players.
“With this Telesom Football championship not only were players exposed to competitive challenge but City residents were entertained to the fullest” said the SSF chief adding that the 2019 tournament shall be even better.
Upon Thanking all participating teams and spectators most of whom never missed any of the 62 matches played during the Telesom football championship and congratulating the winners and runners , the Telesom public relations manager Mohamed Abdi Darbo Said
spoke about the eventual conclusion ceremony,

L-R VP Sayli receives Telesom football championship trophies from the company’s public relations manager Mohamed Abdi Darbo at the Hargeisa Staduim

“Our company (Telesom) has always dedicated to the youth of Somaliland and this tournament is just a token of this dedication” adding that the thinking behind sponsoring the football competition was geared towards
“ creating avenues to deter our youths from tribalism, joblessness and the interest of illegal migration to foreign countries” adding that the success of the inaugural 2018 Telesom football championship has motivated the telecommunications company to entering into an annual sponsorship contract with the SFF and HCTV.
Said he “ we promise to hold similar completions annual and at a national level as well from now henceforth ”
At the same function at the Hargeisa stadium the Somaliland Minister of Youth and Sports Boss Mire Mohamed thanked Telesom for their sponsorship, SFF for organizing and management and HCTV for matches airing”
“I also take this opportunity to thank all participating teams for their sportsmanship and discipline displayed during the two months Telesom
While congratulating the winning Hargeisa Municipality and runners up Prisons Service football teams Minister Mire told the other participating teams not at the winners podium to take heart and practice much for anything can happen in the next Telesom football championship of 2019.

SFF and Somaliland Ministry of sports officials display Telesom football championship 2018

In conclusion the youth and sports minister thanked the Somaliland security forces especially the police for their diligence that ensured the entire tournament took place and ended peacefully

About the Sponsors
Telesom is a private telecommunication company which was established in the year 2002 by local entrepreneurs in Hargeisa Somaliland to become the leader and pioneer in telecommunication sector while utilizing the latest technology and employing a highly trained and professional customer care team that satisfy our customers with world class services.



Telesom Company offers an integrated suite of communication products and services to the customers including, Mobile voice and data, ZAAD (mobile money payment) Mobile Internet (3G/GPRS), Dhambaal service, Ila hadal, Ila maqal, Mushaax, Aqoonmaal and many more. Telesom has played a major role in the economic development of the country plus the creation of significant huge employment opportunities. The company has the widest network coverage in Somaliland, delivering its quality unmatched services across the country.

The company operates in entire Somaliland, where it has the widest coverage network. Telesom has affiliation with neighboring country’s biggest Telecommunication companies and also share regional and international Roaming service with them. For more company details visit   


Telesom football championship 2018 Somaliland
Telesom football championship 2018 Somaliland
Telesom football championship 2018 Somaliland
Telesom football championship 2018 Somaliland

Somalia Defence Chief Gen Dahir Adan Elmi Inspects EU Military Training Mission in Mogadishu

Somalia Defence Chief Gen Dahir Adan Elmi Visits EU Military Training Mission in Mogadishu

Somalilandsun-The new Somali Chief ofDefense Forces (CDF) General Dahir Adan Elmi, visited the European Union Training Mission Somalia (EUTM-S) for the first time.

The most senior officer in the Somali Armed Forces began with a visit to General Dhagabadan Training Centre (GDTC) in Mogadishu, where the European Union Training Mission trains Somali National Army companies and Somali instructors. At GDTC he was welcomed by the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander Brigadier General Matteo Spreafico and the EUTM-S Head of Training Colonel Guerrero

Somalia Defence Chief Gen Dahir Adan Elmi Visits EU Military Training Mission in Mogadishu

The CDF, took the opportunity to inspect the upgrade of the new main gate of GDTC, a EUTM-S funded project, before moving to observe the training facilities at GDTC.

Afterwards, Gen.Dahir Adan Elmi visited the EUTM-S HQ, in Mogadishu, where he received a briefing and signed the mission’s “Book of Honor”.

At the end of the visit the CDF gave his thanks and appreciation to the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander and to all EUTM-S personnel for thesupport they provide the Somali Armed Forces.

Somalia Defence Chief Gen Dahir Adan Elmi Visits EU Military Training Mission in Mogadishu

EUTM press Statement  Mogadishu, 22nd September 2018

EUTM Somalia – MHQ Mogadishu


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Governments Must Stand Up for Health- Says WHO Chief Dr Tedros

Governments Must Stand Up for Health

Somalilandsun– It was just a century ago that the Spanish flu epidemic spread across the world and killed tens of millions of people. Long before the moon landing, the Internet, or the discovery of the Higgs boson, the world was at the mercy of a disease that struck indiscriminately and did not respect national boundaries. The epidemic required an absolutely extraordinary response.

A hundred years on, contagious diseases continue to cross borders faster and more efficiently than people or goods. But other epidemics, of chronic and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), are also a scourge to communities around the world. In fact, in terms of the scale of human suffering and the costs for society, these diseases can be even more devastating than their contagious counterparts.

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York, global heads of state are meeting on September 26-27 to highlight two major health threats. On the first day, they will discuss strategies to end tuberculosis (TB), an ancient bacterium that remains the world’s deadliest infectious disease. TB claims more than 4,000 lives per day, and is among the top ten causes of death globally. To make a bad situation worse, it is also a major cause of deaths linked to antimicrobial resistance, as well as the leading killer of people with HIV.

Then, on the second day, world leaders will convene to discuss plans to beat leading NCDs such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and lung disease. Combined, NCDs are responsible for seven out of every ten deaths globally. All told, NCDs kill 41 million people every year, including 15 million people in the prime of their lives, aged 30-70. In addition to confronting TB and NCDs, world leaders will also discuss ways to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Developing countries bear the brunt of the TB and NCD epidemics, as most of the people suffering and dying prematurely from these diseases are in low- and middle-income countries. But while TB and NCDs are very different types of health threats, the best response to them is the same: We must build stronger health systems that are capable of delivering universal health coverage (UHC).

UHC makes health care accessible to everyone, no matter their circumstances. It delivers the full range of essential services, from prevention and treatment to palliative and rehabilitative to all people, not just those who can afford it.

The principles underlying UHC apply equally to protecting people against TB, NCDs, and promoting mental health. But while the urgent need for UHC is widely understood, real change will not happen without a greater commitment from the highest levels of government.

This means that presidents and prime ministers must become the champions of their people’s health. Only by ensuring a government-wide response can UHC be achieved, given that what drives good and bad health so often lies outside the remit of health ministries.

there are low-cost ways for African governments to meet health targets and save lives

By highlighting the challenges posed by TB and NCDs, the UN is giving political leaders a unique chance to put the wellbeing of their citizens first. They should remember that promoting health pays dividends on many other fronts, too, from economic development to security.

So far, governments have already committed to achieving key global targets for TB and NCDs. With respect to TB, the world still needs to treat the 40 million people living with the disease, and provide preventive care to another 30 million, all by 2022. And to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we must end the epidemic by 2030. Countries can meet these targets by making investments geared specifically toward scaling up prevention, detection, treatment, and research.

As for NCDs, the SDGs commit governments to reduce premature deaths from these diseases by one-third. Progress toward this goal has not been fast enough to ensure that it is met before 2030.

Fortunately, there are low-cost ways for governments to meet these targets and save lives. Regulatory measures can protect people from exposure to the common causes of NCDs: tobacco, alcohol, physical inactivity, and foods and drinks high in trans-fats, salt, and sugar. Investments in health systems can improve disease detection and treatment for conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Vaccinating girls against the human papillomavirus (HPV), and screening women on a routine basis, can drastically reduce deaths from cervical cancer.

At meetings in Russia and Uruguay last year, health ministers from around the world committed to accelerating action against TB and NCDs. Now it is time to take the next step.

The UN General Assembly is a unique opportunity for world leaders to foster a true global good – better health for their citizens – by advancing universal coverage to end TB, beat NCDs, and promote better mental health.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The author Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is Director-General of the World Health Organization and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, 
Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2018.

Somaliland- SOS Sheikh Secondary School Entry Examination 2018

13th batch of O levels graduate from SOS HG Sheikh Secondary School In July 2018

Somalilandsun- SOS HG Sheikh Secondary School is the only school in Somaliland that provides an internationally recognized curriculum.

Situated in Sheikh town of Sahil Region the school operates as a non-profit making, social development organization and entirely depends on private contributions with the principle objective of improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children in Somaliland.
Currently the school has an enrollment of 300 students drawn all over Somaliland in a double stream. SOS HG Sheikh – secondary school is ranked among the best in the world. The graduates of this school rank among the top ten schools in the world every year

Annually the SOS HG Sheikh Secondary School in conjunction with the ministry of education selects and admits sixty best performing students in Grade Eight national examinations irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or geographical background.
To this effect and having released results of class eight national exams for the 2017-2018 the Ministry of Education and SOS inform all interested students s wishing to join the prestigious school and have garnered top marks that entry examinations shall be conducted at the Sheikh Madar primary school formerly- Xuseen Giire in Hargeisa on the 29th September 2018.
All who meet the required qualifications are highly welcomed and vie for an opportunity to learn at this prestigious institution of secondary school education in Somaliland.

Somaliland Ministry of Education and science

For more details contact

Ministry of education and science or visit and or
SOS Sheikh Secondary School

Somaliland: Relief International-RI Somalia Wants an Education Program Team Leader

Somaliland: Relief International-RI Somalia Wants an Education Program Team Leader

Somalilandsun- Relief International (RI) is an international relief and development agency with cross-sectoral programs comprised of teams of humanitarian and development professionals committed to transforming adversity into renewal for the world’s most vulnerable populations. By partnering with beneficiaries and communities on the front-lines, RI innovatively bridges the gap between immediate relief and long-term community development. RI has been implementing basic education projects in Somalia since 2009 and other complex and fragile contexts (e.g. Iraq, Jordan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan etc.).

RI is currently pursuing an Education Team Leader will lead in the areas of strategy, management, coordination and representation, financial and compliance oversight and program development. This will include providing overall leadership in development and roll out of a Somalia Education Sector Strategy through a consultative and collaborative process; effectively coordinating consortium partners and other partners in the education sector; representing RI to donors and government authorities at the local and national level; and providing oversight in ensuring that education projects are implemented as per agreed requirements and in compliance with donor regulations.
Position: Education Team Leader

Location: Somalia (with significant travel to various locations within Somalia, Somaliland and Nairobi, Kenya)
Duration: 1 year, with possibility of extension

Reports to: Country Director

As per Program Strategy the Education Team Leader shall Provide leadership in development, review and roll out of a country education strategy, in coordination with the RI Regional Education Director, Deputy Director for Program Quality, and Global Education Technical Lead.Preventing Possible Renewed Border Conflict between Somaliland and Somalia’s Puntland-FCSS
The ideal candidate should posses relevant Qualifications and experiences especially
• Minimum seven (7) years of experience in program management, ideally as a Chief of Party, Consortium/Programme Director or similar level
• Master’s degree in Education, Social Science, Development Studies, or related field. And
• Demonstrated experience in program and financial management of large grants/projects.
For more details and application process visit

Preventing Possible Renewed Border Conflict between Somaliland and Somalia’s Puntland-FCSS

Freedom Centre for Strategic Studies

Somalilandsun- The Freedom Center for Strategic Studies -FCSSis concerned the recent visit of Puntland’s president to Badhan in Sanaag could trigger another armed confrontation in more border areas of the region
Below is a press statement released by FCSS titled
Preventing Possible Renewed Border Conflict
• The Federal Government of Somalia and the Republic of Somaliland had an armed confrontation, several skirmishes and a military stand-off in the eastern Sool and Sanaag regions for the last 20 years. Both Somalia and Somaliland have territorial disputes which have colonial roots. Somaliland was a British Protectorate while Italy colonized Somalia.
• In the recent past, visits by the Somali Federal Government resulted in several clashes at the border where dozens died from both sides. Not long ago, a visit by a Federal Minister in Eastern Sanaag escalated tensions between the two sides which almost resulted in more clashes in the area. Both visits were perceived as an act of war by the Somaliland authorities. The International Community urged both sides to solve their differences in a peaceful manner. Somalia’s Puntland administration rejected these proposals from the International Community.

Cabinet Discuss Somalia Federation Constant Interferences into Somaliland Internal Affairs

• The Freedom Center for Strategic Studies is concerned the recent visit of Puntland’s president to Badhan in Sanaag could trigger another armed confrontation in more border areas of the region. We concur with the United Nations who previously emphasised that such fighting poses a tremendous risk which can result in tens of thousands of possible displacements at a time when humanitarian needs are already worrying the international community and available funds are limited. We also agree with the conflict research organizations such as ICG that such dispute risks creating space for radical groups like Alshabaab and Islamic State whose elements are already present in some areas of Puntland. On the other hand, we believe any new armed clashes in the area will hinder the wind of peaceful change in the Horn of Africa, could open a door to new battles and crush efforts aimed at preventing more conflicts and shifting to prosperous regional developments.
• Therefore, we believe that war is avoidable, and we urge both sides to avoid inflammatory rhetoric and provocative activities but instead resume talks to resolve the dispute via dialogue and peaceful means. For now the UN, US, UK and IGAD should engage with the Somali Federal Government and Puntland and encourage them to abstain from activities that can endanger the peace. In the long- run, the international community should employ a policy of shuttle diplomacy to persuade both sides to negotiate and resolve their differences on the table through the Somaliland-Somalia talks.
FCSS press statement
The Freedom Center for Strategic Studies (FCSS) is nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decision-makers envisage towards a meliorate world. Peace and security research is a priority for FCSS and aims providing dialogue to matters related to disputes that leads to conflictual atmosphere.
21st September 2018  web

chaired by President Abdiweli Gas Puntland Cabinet holds Meeting in the Sanaag Region District of Badhan in Somaliland

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Cabinet Discuss Somalia Federation Constant Interferences into Somaliland Internal Affairs


Puntland holds Cabinet Meeting Deep Inside Somaliland Territory


Cabinet Discuss Somalia Federation Constant Interferences into Somaliland Internal Affairs

Cabinet Discuss Somalia Federation Constant Interferences into Somaliland Internal Affairs

Hargeisa(Somalilandsun)- Ministerial meeting chaired by the president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi who was flanked by his deputy H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i) was held at the presidential palace. The agenda of the meeting was federal government of Somalia constant interferences in Somaliland internal affairs.  The meeting held on 20th September 2018 touched on the recent tour of Badhan inside Somaliland territorial borders by the president of Puntland a region of Somalia federation.

The government of Somaliland warned the Somalia federation that enough is enough it will never tolerate the open escalation of conflict by that regime. Somaliland threatened to take drastic action that the Somalia government will regret for prying into other countries internal affairs.

The following points were deliberated.

  1. Somaliland believes in peace and tranquility the Horn of Africa region and detests anything that could compromise the security of the region.
  2. Somalia has violated the sovereignty of Somaliland territorial borders.  A minister of the Somalia federation visited Somaliland borders this caused a conflict that resulted in loss of lives. Recent the Puntland president Mr. Abdiweli Gaas entered Somaliland through the border town of Badhan without permission from the Somaliland government.
  3. The government of Somaliland has accepted the mediation of IGAD, AU and UN special representative to Somalia and Somaliland. It was agreed that the Somalia and Somaliland exchange the prisoners of war and cessation of hostilities however the Farmajo regime is constantly manipulating the Puntland administration to kindle the fire of war with Somaliland. The tour of Mr.Abdiweli Gaas to Badhan will not help matters since Somaliland will not sit idle while her independence and sovereignty is violated by Puntland.
From Left Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli flanks his boss President Muse Bihi at a Cabinet meeting in Hargeisa on 20th -9-2018

Also Read Somaliland Leaders Condemn Visit by Puntland President To Badhan

In another development the cabinet passed the new law governing provincial administration that was brought by the ministry of internal security and the attorney general office. The new law number 23 will take effect immediately.

Another law which seeks to improve the welfare of the armed forces was also passed by the cabinet.



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