Turkey Takes Over Gulen Schools in Somalia


3 Mogadishu based schools and a hospital shall be operated by the Embassy of Turkwy

Somalilandsun- The recent coup in Ankara  aiming to topple president Erdogan of Turkey has its effects reaching the Horn of Africa.

In Somalia where the Administration of President Hasan closed down all institutions run by the Gulen movement whose leader cleric Fetullah Gulen is accused of abetting the coup, has the Turkish government announcing take-over of the banned schools.

According to a report by Anadolu Agency Turkish embassy in Somalia to control Gulen-run schools

Turkish consul general in Hargeisa Amb Yuksel says he has submitted refuser to Somalilamd Governemt In Somaliland where the Hargeisa based Turkish Consulate General has submitted an official request for the Nile Academy schools run by the Gulen movemenr authorities have stood fast to their stand that there is no intent to clamp down and the institutions are free to conduct activities in Hargeisa as long as they adhere to rules and regulations pertaining to how foreign organizations operate.


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