KDF Troops in Somalia Urged to Remain Vigilante During this Festive Holidays

Kenyan Troops in Somalia Urged to Remain Vigilant During Xmas

Somalilandsun – Chief of Kenya Defense Forces Maj. Samson Mwathethe has directed Kenyan troops in Somalia to remain vigilant during the month of December and January which is usually the transition and deployment period of KDF in Somalia.

He said Kenya’s presence in Somalia has so far borne fruits with many areas in the war-torn country enjoying peace and stability.

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The chief of the defense forces Maj. Mwathethe made an impromptu visit to the Kenyans troops at the Kudhey Area in Somalia where he commended the troops for their effort to deal with the enemy for the country’s safety.

He noted that despite Kenya being under African Union Mission to Somalia (Amisom), the regional peacekeeper, Kenya has its own National interests to ensure that Southern Somalia is devoid of Al-Shabaab.

Maj. Mwathethe said by Kenyans government acquiring war sophisticated military artillery has borne fruits where the KDF troops   in Somalia has been able to restore peace and repulse the Al-Shabaab.

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Chief of Kenya Defense Forces Maj. Samson Mwathethe

Maj. Mwathethe also cautioned the troop be remain vigilant especially during this month of December and January as they prepare for deployment.

He also commended the KDF troops for uplifting the education of Kudhey people by building classrooms and providing medical services.


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